We are Accumeo

Our Mission

Accumeo makes today’s promising investment opportunities available to the crowd, while delivering needed capital to innovative entrepreneurs. Equity crowdfunding lets any investor support the growth of companies, precisely when they need support the most.

Even the most promising young businesses can find it difficult to secure the capital needed to bring their best ideas to scale. Venture capital can be slow to invest in good ideas, and institutional lenders like banks can be even more sluggish. We hate to see a good business idea fall by the wayside, so we did something about it.

At the same time, individual investors are routinely shut out of the early investment rounds that often prove the most profitable. We believe that equity crowdfunding works best as a direct, seamless connection between proven entrepreneurs and investors from all walks of life. That’s why investors on our platform get voting rights, along with opportunities to profit from future dividends, IPOs, or an eventual sale of the company in which they have invested.

About Us

Above all, Accumeo stands for innovation and growth. Our experience allows us to focus on the unserved gap between entrepreneurial vision and investor access, and to bridge that gap with a platform optimised for both entrepreneurs and investors. Our management team draws on years of experience with start-ups and finance, and our board of directors offers almost a century worth of perspective on both crowdfunding and traditional corporate finance.

We’re ready to bring the most promising startups to market. Join us to benefit from our shared vision.